very educational website

as not much is happening here, we thought it would be good to spice things up a bit with a link to a website that compares capybaras to rafael nadal.
unhappy capybara

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celebrate christmas in swiss german

(for our swiss fans) mier wönsched en schöni wiehnachtsziit ond offeriered dezue s passendi lied uf schwiizerdütsch.

link zom s lied gratis abelade

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fun thing to do on a rainy day

go to     http://gobarbra.com/

type in your name or something else, click GO! and turn up your speakers.

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new album out now!

you can get your copy from here:

CD (switzerland & germany only):

digital download (worldwide):

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what blogs say about the dentals / tennessee

„This 4-piece from Lucerne draws heavily on the Finns’ (Cats on Fire) sound to create their own catchy indie pop/folk. Lead single Career For Beer from their debut LP Tennessee, perfectly surmises their self-described alco-pop genre: wistful, contemplative, and drunken.“

 Thank you James, well said!


das klienicum
„ein bißchen mehr zeit hätte ich gern für die jungs aus luzern, denn die schweizer zaubern einen ganz naseweisen pop, der durchaus an größen wie the lucksmiths oder cats on fire erinnert, memorable melodien, ausgefeilte arrangements, nie zu viel und auch nie zu wenig, ihr debutwerk erscheint am 25.mai, dicke empfehlung Ihres klienicums“  http://dasklienicum.blogspot.com/

a fat thank you for that. also, this post means the dentals are now represented on the hype machine: http://hypem.com/artist/The%20Dentals


check this out. a dentals interview! who would have though that anyone had any questions for us!?  but we’re even more surprised we were able to give answers. many thanks xandi for your support.

visit the website, there’s a lot there, also a few more posts about the dentals:  http://xworldmusic.wordpress.com

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career for beer – our first video

we have released a first video of our soon-to-be-released album „tennessee“ for our friends. we’ll be back with more shortly…

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recording of the debut album

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flink (swiss band) – music video

whatever they do, they do it well. so more or less the opposite of the dentals. but we love them anyway.

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recording of the debut album (jan 2012)

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