kim jong-fun

kim jong-fun has recently been photographed at a pre-launch party to celebrate the upcoming dentals album release.

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scene from „father of invention“

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the dentals are (were) number 1 in hong kong

finally…  after many years, proof has surfaced. it was an urban myth but now, ladies and gentlement, we are very happy to present you the famous dentals BLICK article. many thanks to the generous donor who would like to stay anonymous.  

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Daxophone at its Best

The world is ready for a new invention: The awesome instrument Daxophone.

Close your eyes and listen to the wonderful sound of Hans Reichel. By the way, our Bishop Breadbreaker is one of his biggest fans, exchanged the organ in his church with a Daxophone.


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Poor Johnny Cash

my radio played this song just before i threw it out of my window. poor johnny cash – let the man rest in piece…
below the lyrics to the song including all of our favourite artists such as beyonce, lady gaga, black eyed peas, rammstein etc.

I take one of the Beatles, two of the Stones
Three of the Bee Gees so let’s rock n‘ roll 
Four of Michael Jackson, five of Beyonce –
Six of Lady Gaga and here we go
I also take some Black Eyed Peas on my way
Rihanna, 47 and some Lil Wayne

‚Cause I, I love Lady Gaga
I, I love Beyonce
I, I love Madonna (I love you),
I, I love Shakira.

I need a little Kesha, I’m just a little Pink
Red Hot Chili Peppers and I start to sing
I like Bryan Adams, I love Johnny Cash
Move along to J.Lo and try not to crash (x2)
I also take some Miley Cyrus on my way
Rammstein, 47 and some Green Day etc. etc.

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Flight of the Conchords

i’ve just rediscovered this little gem. rap for bikers.

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Legendary James Bond Dinner Scene

in 1969 james bond was in switzerland for a luxury dinner with ladies from all over the world. a very educational video about different nationalities and their favourite food. watch and learn.

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riots in london

click here and see for yourself what’s going on in london and england.

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kick’n’rush winners (of the hearts)

so far fc dentals havent played too great but they surely look amazing


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kim jong-il looking at things

to demonstrate normality and good health, grandpa kim looks at a lot of stuff. there’s even a fun blog with lots of lovely photos. act like a leader, look at stuff yourself – for example at this: http://kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com/

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