the band

the dentals were originally formed in 2002. it is a general misconception that the band had met at a modelling competition which is entirely wrong – though the rumour’s understandable. their initial punk-rock sound has transformed into something much more quiet and relaxing, but the great melodies and their weird humour remains unchanged.

impressive guitar solos, innovative song structures, touching lyrics and a sound that doesn’t fit into any category – all this does not apply to the dentals. they play straight forward acoustic pop songs that are simple, catchy and fun. life is complicated enough. the dentals are fabio (guitar, vocals), roman (guitar), jonas (bass), dave (drums).

back in 2006 they had a bit of a hit in hong kong when they were topping the download-charts with their song „mary wants to marry me“ for several weeks. the song’s become a fan favourite at concerts. download it for free: