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10 years after the band was formed, they have completed their first official album. all songs were composed and written in the lovely, tranquil town of spring hill, tennessee, where the dentals had rented an unnecessarily large farm house for several months last year (2011).

the old and fairly remote house was adjacent to a small forest and the only way to buy food or interact with other people was by riding one of the bicycles to the town centre 20 minutes away. all this enabled the band to fully focus on their songs. It also provided an inspiring and relaxing environment which has heavily influenced the sound of their debut album.

the album was named “tennessee” and it features 13 catchy, upbeat pop tunes that reflect the carefree environment of where it was created. the warm and cozy sound makes “tennessee” the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing sunday at home.





tracklist with comments:

1.    A Song Not About Beer
suprisingly this song really is not about beer. it’s about trying to get over the ex-girlfriend by eating dairy products and watching harry potter and knight rider on tv with your best mate

2.    I’m An Artist
we are super special, greatly talented, unique, misunderstood, underrated artists. yes we are.

3.    Kings Without Crowns
in spring hill, where the band was writing their debut album, they went hunting for dinner one night (under close supervision of a local expert). this song is about hunting and the fact that it’s not as easy as it seems.

4.    I Love You Even More
an extemely romantic song about someone who’s in love very, very much

5.    Heading For The Door Again
life goes on. and just like lucky luke, this mean sooner or later you are likely to end up as a lonely cowboy yet again.

6.    Not Every Idiot Knows How To Drive A Car
as the song titles states quite clearly, some pleople cannot drive. as it happens, one of those quite unique beings is singing for the dentals. he’s got other talents though.

7.    Devil In My Hand (Part 1)
it’s an intro to the next song, that’s all.

8.    Devil In My Hand (Part 2)
many kind people live in spring hill tennessee, but the band’s favourite was jennifer. she was working part-time at the liquor store and had great passion for cheerleading. so much, that she could be easily convinced to do a short demonstration in the store.

9.    Career For Beer
it took the dentals 10 years to complete their first album because they’re just so incredibly busy with their careers. it’s all about money…

10.  Give Me A Second Chance
basically it’s about the doubts and fear of the possibility getting married sometime in the future while you’re still holding on to your youth and independence.

11.  I Am Well But You’re Paul Weller
this song was originally called „scotland made me fat“ which was a self-assessment after holidays in scotland. but photo’s have proven that on the way to scotland, „he who shall not be named“ was fat already hence the song title didn’t make sense no more.

12.  Mentally Retarded
it’s the kind of song you write when you’ve been working for 18 hours straight and it’s 3am and you’re still in the office, overlooking the dark, sleeping city.

13.  B-side
let’s face it, there’s always someone better and essentially noone really cares about what you’re doing anyway. but then again, that’s no reason not to enjoy life.