Poor Johnny Cash

my radio played this song just before i threw it out of my window. poor johnny cash – let the man rest in piece…
below the lyrics to the song including all of our favourite artists such as beyonce, lady gaga, black eyed peas, rammstein etc.

I take one of the Beatles, two of the Stones
Three of the Bee Gees so let’s rock n‘ roll 
Four of Michael Jackson, five of Beyonce –
Six of Lady Gaga and here we go
I also take some Black Eyed Peas on my way
Rihanna, 47 and some Lil Wayne

‚Cause I, I love Lady Gaga
I, I love Beyonce
I, I love Madonna (I love you),
I, I love Shakira.

I need a little Kesha, I’m just a little Pink
Red Hot Chili Peppers and I start to sing
I like Bryan Adams, I love Johnny Cash
Move along to J.Lo and try not to crash (x2)
I also take some Miley Cyrus on my way
Rammstein, 47 and some Green Day etc. etc.

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